Happy Birthday Mac!!

Today is Mac’s 34th birthday (so he tells me). A birthday cake, candle and present onboard our ultimate luxury dining bus provided by Wagon Wheels (you can also see DBS’s bus in the background also). A long 3 day shoot with a serious budget which is nice to see –… Read More »

Whats going on??

So why is it buses come in pairs, when it rains it rains and in the summer (ok only for 2 weeks) its too hot. Nows we are over the winter months every single production company have decided shoot within the next 2 weeks! Seriously we have nothing left….

Double Vision – I mean Double Pace

Took delivery of our second Pace Arrow from the States. Turning up on the hottest day this year at Southampton Docks. Mark is chuffed to bits with his new motorhome – thats until the boss got hold of it and smashed the cupboards out in the rear less than 24… Read More »