Happy Birthday Wagon Wheels

It was 10 years ago today when my company was incorporated to the big bad world out there. It all started while I was working as a Location Manager; I decided on a drunken evening to buy my first Winnebago on eBay. Next thing, I was off to Chicago on the… Read More »

Much Love & New Logo

New logo – what do you think? Lots of new things happening at Wagon Wheels – it’s so exciting. No wonder we have a shed load of work on.  We are are now pretty booked up till the 19th and now taking lots of new bookings for January 2017 –… Read More »

Triumph of a week

Only 23 days to Christmas but the work keeps coming in – 11 photo shoots, 4 commercials and 2 tv show so not a bad week this week either. New motor coming next week so need to go and find the sledge hammer. A few pics from this week.