Our New Super Luxury Dining Bus

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce our luxury dining bus is available for rent. Already been really popular with the last few location shoots with many of the crew saying that's its been the best dining bus they have ever been in. She started as a retired London bus before... Read More »

New new new….

Its incredibly busy start to 2017 which hopefully will continue – I have a feeling its going to be a amazing year. Soon this website will be gone – we have got a new one www.wagonwheels.tv. Check it out, it was designed and built in house and no it was… Read More »

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year to all our customers. With 8 booking in the first week of January (and it was a 4 day week) it looking like its going to be a bumper year. We just need to make sure we have everything strapped down, don’t want anything falling off down the… Read More »

Happy Birthday Wagon Wheels

It was 10 years ago today when my company was incorporated to the big bad world out there. It all started while I was working as a Location Manager; I decided on a drunken evening to buy my first Winnebago on eBay. Next thing, I was off to Chicago on the… Read More »

Much Love & New Logo

New logo – what do you think? Lots of new things happening at Wagon Wheels – it’s so exciting. No wonder we have a shed load of work on.  We are are now pretty booked up till the 19th and now taking lots of new bookings for January 2017 –… Read More »

Triumph of a week

Only 23 days to Christmas but the work keeps coming in – 11 photo shoots, 4 commercials and 2 tv show so not a bad week this week either. New motor coming next week so need to go and find the sledge hammer. A few pics from this week.  

Our New Make Up Split.

Our New Make Up Truck joins the fleet at Wagon Wheels I’m like a child in a sweet shop! Just can’t keep a secret, our new make up truck donor vehicle has been purchased today. We will soon be ripping out a luxury vehicle that most campers only dream of… Read More »

Smack in the Face!!

London loves us, we love London. We have done such a good job last week for Oxford Street Christmas lights they have asked us back to do Regent Street too. Perhaps we are more switched on than we realized. I love competitors! It makes you more determined and stronger each time. We have always… Read More »

Our new Location Van for 2016

The 2nd location van has finally completed with a few extra upgrades. 2016 has been a bumper year with yet another increase in hires and more customers. We have now installed our 45 foot workshop so just watch this space for our new vehicles and upgrades. WHAT NEW THEN? The first biggest upgrade… Read More »