Happy Birthday Wagon Wheels

It was 10 years ago today when my company was incorporated to the big bad world out there.

It all started while I was working as a Location Manager; I decided on a drunken evening to buy my first Winnebago on eBay. Next thing, I was off to Chicago on the cheapest flight I could buy to check out something I could not even drive.

Ten years later, with some serious highs and (trust me) some serious lows, we are still here, stronger than ever. We now are able to supply everything you need for a super smooth shoot – dining buses, honey wagons (2 and 3 door units), make up wardrobe splits, location vans and of course our brilliant winnebagos. 

We would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our special customers who have backed us over the years. I could not have done this without you or my super amazing Wagon Wheels team. Here are a few of the pictures over the 10 years including me outside my first Winnebago looking as proud as punch.