Location Van from Wagon Wheels

London is becoming a tougher place to take our larger Winnebagos. A number of councils has all but banned their use on the capital’s roads. This is where our very popular Sprinter Location Van comes into its own, it has everything you will ever need for the smoothest of shoots.

Our Sprinter location vans are the hard-working addition to our fleet. We have built these vehicles with years of industry experience. Our vans have a built-in toilet and a massive 5.8kw super silent generator. With seating for nine including the driver, there is also plenty of room in the back for a one position Make Up and hanging rails for Wardrobe.

The vehicles have been based on the Mercedes Sprinter, which has the ultra clean Euro 6 engine: one of the cleanest engines you can buy. With the interior running on LED lights and powered by twin gel batteries, you are even able to get up and running without the use of the generator.

We understand that many of the roads in the UK are unable to facilitate our larger Winnebagos, so our Location Vans are the ideal vehicle to keep production close to where the action is.

Each of our Location Vans comes with a simple location kit, such as director chairs, easy-ups when requested, and a folding table.

Over the years our Location Vans have travelled far across Europe working for the top photographers, models and fashion magazines. As they are based on a world renowned truck chassis, reliability is something Production have nothing to worry about.