Our New Super Luxury Dining Bus

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce our luxury dining bus is available for rent. Already been really popular with the last few location shoots with many of the crew saying that’s its been the best dining bus they have ever been in.

She started as a retired London bus before we got our hands on her. After many body panels replaced and a full respray plus getting the front upstairs windows caped to give her a look of a tour bus. Then the limo black tinted windows, piped music, 40-inch tv and 10kw of heat you will be able to dine in style. We have added plenty of power sockets with the USB sockets to charge your mobiles at any time which is powered by a brand new 7kw generator. So if you need to set up a tea urn to set up a tea table outside – not a problem!

Our dining bus is great for crew, a production area, green room for your extras, client or agency.

In the winter no need to worry about the dining bus being cold. We have two 5kw heaters plus the added internal door just to make sure the heat stays in rather than escaping through open doors.

For all our rates please check out our site or www.wagonwheels.tv/dining-buses or www.wagonwheelsonlocation.com/diningbushire/ or give us a call on 07974 765792.

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