New Honey Wagon for hire

New Honey Wagon From Wagon Wheels

Honey Wagon 4

Our 3 door honey wagon is now only a few weeks away from delivery so we look forward to expanding our fleet, yet another reason to call Wagon Wheels for all of your facility vehicle requirements in UK and London. This is the ideal unit when you need a toilet for the crew and a separate area for children. The modern clean design is the same as our other two units. Fitted with solar panels and running on a twelve volt supply the honey wagon does not need a noisy generator running all day.

I thought it be slowing down by now. With over 100 day bookings so far in October plus we still have another really busy week to go. It really show you that Wagon Wheels constantly grows from strength to strength by nothing more than reputation rather than relying on 3rd party diary services.

We are still hoping to upgrading our Winnebagos interiors as soon as we get a chance. Just watch this space as its going to blow our customers minds! We have just given all the vehicles a full service and been upgrading to the Koni shocks for a better ride.