Smack in the Face!!

London loves us, we love London. We have done such a good job last week for Oxford Street Christmas lights they have asked us back to do Regent Street too. Perhaps we are more switched on than we realized.

Christmas lights 2016

I love competitors! It makes you more determined and stronger each time. We have always lead the way with our copycat friends trailing slowly behind. We were the first for custom winnebago interiors, dining buses with production office even down to the Nespresso machines!

Our new project came to me like a ‘smack in the face’. Out with the old and in with the new. The only real clue I can give to you right now is that it has a wheel at each corner. With our new workshop and 31 years of combined experience we are completely set up for this new project. Looking forward for our happy crew to see this one, another step in the right direction. As you can see Ian is ready for the next challenge.

Ian in the Workshop

We have also been working on our parking location map to helps you guys out. Just click on the Location Map link and it will give you a advice where you park in London. We hope it helps.

Location Map

Sadly our 3 door toilet has been delayed until January 2017 but we still have our other 2 new shiny honey wagons available. As you can see from the picture below our youngest crew member Zach is very upset about the matter.


Now being one of the larger independent one stop facility company’s we are only one phone call away for all your location needs. If you need anything for your next project give us a shout. You can trust me we don’t employ any loose cannons.