Terms – Conditions of Business

At Wagon Wheels on Location we try to provide the most user friendly vehicles, and whist we endeavour to meet and surpass your expectations we can not be be held responsible for the following;

Vehicles; All of our vehicles are constructed or converted for the purpose of location or studio shoots and are therefore places of work and subject to governing rules as follows, Smoking is not permitted on any of our vehicles, the consumption of illegal substances is strictly forbidden, No alcohol unless for the purpose of hospitality is permitted. The carriage of passengers is only allowed where there is a suitable seat belt and at no point will that number be exceeded during travel, at no point should anyone stand during vehicle movement or travel, during vehicle movement the toilet is not to be used, when travelling after dark the lighting will be reduced inside the vehicle so as not to distract the driver, any occurrence of accident, damage or injury caused by neglect of any of the above rules will at the hirers risk and the company accepts no liability.

Loading: It must be understood that when loading one of our vehicles with any products or equipment that the following applies, all items carried are suitably packaged and that nothing hazardous or liable to cause injury will be permitted on board any of our vehicles. No live animals, we except no responsibility for any items carried on board and that any such goods should be insured by the hirer, likewise if any damage is caused to the vehicle due to the carriage of any items the cost of repair will be rendered to the hirer for reimbursement. The driver has the right to refuse any such items that he considers to be unsuitable for carriage on the vehicle.

Parking; Any issues that arise from parking such as fines, tickets or vehicle impoundment or remove, any such damage arising from the direction of an appointed representative, any recovery cost or damage due to instructions relating to parking on inappropriate or unstable ground, any such legal action arising from public dispute, will be the responsibility of the hirer or there representatives, and where necessary, we will require reimburse of any and all costs including interest and fees.The final decision on the suitability of provided or requested parking is with the operating driver.

Traffic; When booking one of our vehicles it is possible that your requested call time is in peak period traffic, we therefore will make an extra allowance to ensure that the vehicle arrives in time, however we can not be held responsible for traffic conditions beyond our control, such as roadworks, accident or extreme weather, the same will apply to location moving and any timings given by our driver are estimated times only.

Vehicle Noise; Our drivers are instructed to monitor noise such as the running of the engine or generator at inappropriate times or in contravention of local regulations, this also applies to loud music inside the vehicle.

Mechanical Failure; Other than wilful neglect, Wagon Wheels can not be held responsible for, and not limited to issues arising from unforeseen vehicle defect such as tyre puncher, window glass, electrical failure or damage caused by terrain.

Misuse of Wagon Wheels Property; Without exception any damage that is caused directly or indirectly as a result of misuse of any Wagon Wheels property or property in the control of Wagon Wheels, the result of which any such costs of repair, replacement or loss of business will be chargeable to the hirer or there representatives. This includes but is not limited to mismatch of electrical connections, the placement of hot electrical items onto work or furniture  surfaces, the use tapes or adhesives on wall, work surfaces and exterior paint work, the placement of any items liable to cause damage both interior and exterior or on any furnishings.

Property Left on the Vehicle During the Working Day; It must be fully understood that property personal or otherwise left on any of our vehicles is entirely at the owners risk and that Wagon Wheels or any member of its staff are not liable for loss or damage, where every precaution is taken to ensure the vehicle is secured we are at no point acting as security and as such take no responsibility regarding any property other than company property.

Damage to Personal Property; The company excepts no responsibly for damage to any personal property used on company property weather this be by misuse or accidental damage and that no claim will be accepted unless such claim can be proven to be neglect by the company or its representatives.

Wifi Coverage and the Misuse of Data Resulting in Removal of the Device; The company can provide Wi-Fi on selected vehicles and this is chargeable at £10.00 per day unless otherwise specified, The company can only provide such a service where possible and can accept no liability for the strength of signal or failure of connection. Wi-Fi is provided for production use only and is not to used for personal or any media such as film or excessive data downloads. It must be understood that any misuse will result in the removal of the device and that any resulting additional charges will be passed to the client or there representatives. No devices must be removed from Wagon Wheels vehicles and the password must not be freely displayed to the cast and crew, any such misuse will result in immediate termination of the service.